Asset Recovery Management

Asset Recovery Management

We have the experience in the provision of Asset Recovery Management services within the Construction & Property Development Sector.

Our expertise and experience helps to provide a greater insight into the issues that can affect the realisation of distressed property.

We have worked closely with Funding Institutions to execute a streamlined and effective asset recovery strategy.

KvArthur offer an encompassing range of Asset Recovery Management services, tailored to our Clients specific requirements. These include;

An in-depth forensic review and analysis of distressed developments.

Preparation of reports advising on issues that would have an impact on the value of the development.

Condition survey

Financial Status

Statutory Compliance with Planning and Regulatory requirements

Cost to rectify and/ or complete

Coordination of related disciplines to include Receivers, Liquidators, Solicitors.

The preparation of “as built” survey drawings of developments for legal transfers and registrations.

Bond Release

Our detailed assessments can uncover unknowns that may have an effect on the viability of a development and thus provide Clients with certainty and assurance upon which to make well-informed decisions regarding development viability and strategy going forward.

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